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Money-Saving Tips for Your Bathroom Renovation

14 September 2016
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If you have an unlimited budget for your new bathroom renovation, then you may not be concerned about the price of materials or changes needed to add storage and upgrade the overall appearance of the space. However, most homeowners will want to talk to their contractor about how to save money on a bathroom renovation or use less expensive choices when they tackle their own renovation project. Note a few money-saving tips you'll want to consider before you decide to renovate your bath. Read More …

Kitchen Features That Might Help Sell Your House

30 June 2016
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If you know you will never sell your home and plan on staying there through your "golden years," then of course you should work with a kitchen designer to create a space that works for you and you alone. However, when renovating any space in the home, homeowners would do well to think about their future plans; this might include having to sell their house when children come along or when they're ready to move to a nice retirement apartment. Read More …

Your Common Bathroom Renovation Questions Answered

6 June 2016
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Adequate research before embarking on a bathroom remodelling project can help you to save valuable time and money as well as avoid costly mistakes along the way. Whether you're just tired of the way your bathroom looks and want to change a few aspects or you've been forced to do so after your pipes burst and everything refused to work, you probably have the same concerns as those who've come before you. Read More …

Creating A Unique, Interesting Bathroom

31 May 2016
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Bathrooms seem to be the most 'samey' room in anyone's home. Nearly everyone seems to have the same thing: lots of white with splashes of blues or greens, and everything with lines that are slowly getting ever more homogenised. If you'd like to turn your own small bathroom into a unique space that's perfectly yours, you'll need to break away from that with a few ideas that you won't find in every bathroom on your street. Read More …

A Quick Guide to Using Hardwood Floors in Your Kitchen

10 May 2016
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In many ways, hardwood flooring isn't the most practical option for your kitchen; liquids can cause damage, and it can be scratched and dented over time. Be that as it may, wood has a timeless charm than many homeowners find appealing, and it can be used in the kitchen if you make the right choices. Here's a quick guide to help you get it right. Go for Harder Species Read More …

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