Money-Saving Tips for Your Bathroom Renovation

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Money-Saving Tips for Your Bathroom Renovation

14 September 2016
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If you have an unlimited budget for your new bathroom renovation, then you may not be concerned about the price of materials or changes needed to add storage and upgrade the overall appearance of the space. However, most homeowners will want to talk to their contractor about how to save money on a bathroom renovation or use less expensive choices when they tackle their own renovation project. Note a few money-saving tips you'll want to consider before you decide to renovate your bath.

Recycled and reclaimed materials

Recycled glass can be used to create a new vanity surface; you can even use a glass cutter and cut it to fit yourself. If you're very crafty, you can also take old bathroom tile in various colors and patterns, break it into large pieces, and then create a mosaic on the vanity surface. This involves putting down grout and then sliding varied pieces into place to create the mosaic. Remember that you can also use recycled wood to create shelving for the bath or have it cut with angled ends to create a frame for your bathroom mirror rather than paying for a new, expensive frame.

New materials

While hardwood can look very nice in a bathroom, remember that real materials are almost always more expensive than "fake," meaning vinyl or laminate. Many laminate floors today look very close to real wood so you get the appearance you want for much less money. Vinyl tiles in the shower surround can also look like real stone and they may be easier to install than stone, saving you on the cost of labor as well.


Cutting into the wall space of a bathroom to create storage can be less expensive than getting materials to make shelves and cabinets. During your renovation, create an inset in the wall next to the mirror or over the toilet for storing items. It can be cheaper to simply put drywall over these insets and paint them a contrasting color than it would be to install cabinets, and you will still have the storage space you need.

Ditch the tub

If your bathroom renovation includes a new bathtub, ask yourself how often you actually soak in a tub and if it's really needed. A shower surround can be cheaper than a bathtub and take up just as little space, if not even less space. By tiling the wall and floor of that area rather than bringing in a new bathtub, you can save money on the cost of a new tub that you don't typically use anyway.

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