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Kitchen Remodelling Tips: Tapware Trends to Consider for Your New Kitchen

24 September 2018
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When remodelling your kitchen, you need to pay attention to every little detail that will affect the overall appearance of the space. Tapware is one of the kitchen accessories that can add form and function to your kitchen. Therefore, you shouldn't pick any tap that will provide water when the need arises. No! Consider the style and design aspect of tapware as it can make or break your kitchen. In this light, this piece will give you some of the top tapware trends that you can consider for your new kitchen. Read More …

4 Reasons to Pick Porcelain Tiles Over Ceramic for Your Kitchen Floor

11 January 2018
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There are plenty of decisions to make when you're renovating your kitchen, but the material you choose for the floor is one of the most important. People who fancy tiles often end up struggling to decided between ceramic and porcelain. Here are just four reasons why porcelain tiles are best for your kitchen floor. 1. Porcelain Tires Are More Durable Porcelain tiles are actually a type of ceramic tile; they are both made using clay that is fired at high temperatures, but slight differences exist between them. Read More …

5 Reasons You Should Pick Up a Shower Stool

27 February 2017
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There are plenty of products that you can buy to make your showering experience more manageable, convenient, and enjoyable, but few of them offer as many benefits as a simple shower stool. Here are just five reasons you should pick one up. 1. Great for Shaving Your Legs For most people, the shower is a perfect place to shave your legs. Any shaving foam will be immediately washed away, and you don't need to worry about having to constantly splash your legs with water. Read More …

Why Should You Fit a Fan Heater While Renovating a Larger Bathroom?

8 February 2017
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Most homeowners have smaller bathrooms that they would dearly love to make a little bit larger. However, there are plenty of people who have bathrooms that feel a little too large. Unfortunately, larger rooms are much harder to heat, and larger bathrooms are often particularly tricky in this regard since they are frequently filled with moisture and typically decorated using tiles, which do not retain heat very well. With that in mind, you really need to think about having a heat fan installed. Read More …

Money-Saving Tips for Your Bathroom Renovation

14 September 2016
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If you have an unlimited budget for your new bathroom renovation, then you may not be concerned about the price of materials or changes needed to add storage and upgrade the overall appearance of the space. However, most homeowners will want to talk to their contractor about how to save money on a bathroom renovation or use less expensive choices when they tackle their own renovation project. Note a few money-saving tips you'll want to consider before you decide to renovate your bath. Read More …

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