Creating A Unique, Interesting Bathroom

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Creating A Unique, Interesting Bathroom

31 May 2016
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Bathrooms seem to be the most 'samey' room in anyone's home. Nearly everyone seems to have the same thing: lots of white with splashes of blues or greens, and everything with lines that are slowly getting ever more homogenised. If you'd like to turn your own small bathroom into a unique space that's perfectly yours, you'll need to break away from that with a few ideas that you won't find in every bathroom on your street.

Go for completely unexpected colour schemes.

Your favourite hues can look amazing in a bathroom, and it's precisely because the room is so small and has such a specific set of purposes that you can easily go pretty wild with them. A shabby chic bathroom in dusky pink with moss green woodwork and accents would look great, for example, as would a rich, jewel-toned bathroom all in purples and reds. A navy bathroom with cream woodwork turns the expected completely on its head, while a vibrant 1960s-style bathroom painted a sunny shade of orange will be the perfect way to wake up every morning.

Use the decorative potential of your walls to full effect.

Lots of bathrooms have bits of wall that aren't being used for storage and don't seem to have a purpose. To make your bathroom remodel look cared-for and distinctive, cover those walls in art; a collage of small framed pictures or a collection of antique mirrors can make a huge and immediate difference. Tile murals are also great in bathrooms and are a wonderful way to add some interest to the inside of your shower. If you have kids, try painting part of the wall in chalk paints and letting them run riot on it with chalks every bathtime! 

Think carefully about lighting.

Ornate light fittings like chandeliers aren't as unusual in bathrooms as they used to be, but they're still a lovely idea for mixing things up a bit--and much more interesting to look at than dull, ordinary spotlights. Consider having more than one light source in your bathroom; a wall-mounted angled lamp beside the mirror is a nice touch, as are lit mirrors themselves. Soft mood lighting over the bath is a great way to create ambiance. Just make sure that all the lighting you choose has been clearly marked as being safe for use in a bathroom before you have it installed.

Make sure your suite matches your setting.

If you have the opportunity for a full renovation, don't feel that you have a buy a standard three-piece bathroom suite if mixing and matching is more likely to get you what you want. Most contemporary suites are all about clean lines and swooping ovals, but if that's not the kind of look you're going for it's worth looking at the collections in the 'traditional' range; at first glance they might look like they're aimed at a specific old-fashioned style, but they look wonderful in unexpected settings or when surrounded by beautiful vibrant colours.

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