Kitchen Features That Might Help Sell Your House

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Kitchen Features That Might Help Sell Your House

30 June 2016
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If you know you will never sell your home and plan on staying there through your "golden years," then of course you should work with a kitchen designer to create a space that works for you and you alone. However, when renovating any space in the home, homeowners would do well to think about their future plans; this might include having to sell their house when children come along or when they're ready to move to a nice retirement apartment. If you know there is a chance you may sell your home in the future, note some kitchen features you will want to discuss with a designer to make the kitchen appealing, not just for you but for future homebuyers as well.

More natural light

A dark kitchen is not only unwelcoming but it can seem unappetizing. Dreary kitchens often seem dirty and not a good space for food prep, but overhead lights can only do so much to brighten the kitchen. Talk to your kitchen designer about how to bring in more natural light with as many windows as possible, while not taking away too much wall space for cupboards and cabinets.

Tall cabinets

The area above cabinets is often wasted; typically this space will collect dust and grease from the kitchen so it's not good for storing anything. Keeping items on that upper area also makes the kitchen look cluttered. However, tall cabinets that reach up to the ceiling can mean an added shelf inside the cabinets for more storage. Since added storage is often one of most sought-after features of a kitchen when it comes to homebuyers, consider having these installed throughout the space. This can also compensate for any storage you need to take away by adding in windows for more natural light.

Eat-in space

Families today may not need a formal dining area for entertaining and may want space for guests to eat right in the kitchen, and having an eat-in space in the kitchen can also be appreciated by busy families who don't sit down for formal dinners very often. Note if you can create an eat-in space in your kitchen, it could be used for extra storage as well; this might be a bench along one wall under which you can put storage cupboards for linens and small appliances. A kitchen bar can also be created with storage underneath, or you might have a tabletop that slides underneath a benchtop or that folds down when not in use, so it's not in the way of foot traffic.

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