Blinds vs. Curtains: Which Is Right For Your Bathroom?

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Blinds vs. Curtains: Which Is Right For Your Bathroom?

10 March 2023
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Are you trying to decide between blinds and curtains? Blinds and curtains have pros and cons, so it's essential to consider which window treatment is best for your home.

Blinds are a popular choice for homeowners because they offer much more control over the light in a room. Curtains are also a great option and come in any color imaginable, and even some prints to suit your design sensibilities. 

Here are some pointers to help you make an informed decision that best suits your needs and preferences.


To install blinds, you need several tools, including a drill bit, screwdriver, leveler, saw and screws. Depending on the type of material used to make your blinds, you may also need glue or nails.

To install your blinds correctly, follow the manufacturer's instructions closely. Each type of blind has different installation requirements.

Curtains typically use fabric as their primary material and come with loops or tabs to hang on a curtain rod with rings or hooks. Installing curtains requires fewer tools than installing blinds; you only need measuring tape, screws (or nails) and a drill (or hammer). 

You should also measure your windows before buying your curtains to know precisely how much fabric you'll need for each window.

Light and Privacy

Choosing between the two can be tricky, as both offer light and privacy benefits. 

Many blinds come with slats that can open or close depending on how much natural light you want to let in. Additionally, blinds do not sway with the wind but stay firm, which allows you to keep the windows open without sacrificing privacy.

On the other hand, curtains provide maximum privacy if you use thick fabrics. Thinner curtains are easier to maintain but less effective at protecting privacy, especially during a breeze. Therefore, on windy days, make sure you close your bathroom window.

Alternatively, you can layer multiple curtains to get the same light and air as you do with a thicker material. The various patterns also minimize shadows, which helps maintain privacy.

Maintenance and Lifespan

When you leave curtains for a long time, mildew can form on them, causing a real headache. Even if you use special cleaning agents, you'll still have to take the curtains off the window and wash them. Additionally, many curtain variants require dry cleaning, which can strain your finances.

In contrast, while blinds can't resist all mold and grime, they're easier to maintain. Moreover, you don't have to take the blinds off the window unless you want to clean them thoroughly. You can remove dust and moisture from slats by running a cloth over them.

In conclusion, ask yourself what you value most when choosing between blinds and curtains for your home. Ultimately, deciding which product works better for your home is up to you. Try both and ensure you're happy with your choice before committing to anything. 

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