Benefits of a Stone Benchtop

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Benefits of a Stone Benchtop

11 February 2022
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The right kitchen counter will enhance the appearance of your home and make food preparation easier. When doing your research, you'll have an array of materials to consider. Here are some of the benefits of opting for natural stone.


Stone benchtops are an excellent choice if you want an original countertop that's not replicated in other kitchens. The colours and swirls in rock result from the unique minerals in each slab. Each one is slightly different. Other options, such as laminate or engineered stone benchtops, are predictable, and each countertop is repeated many times.

Colour Choices

Stone comes in various colours, which you can harmonise with your kitchen. You could install a deep, dark piece of grey soapstone. Or else, fit a glistening white marble with black streaks. If you love muted earthy hues, choose a travertine benchtop, which comes in shades like ivory, peach and fawn. Granite displays unique speckles of colours like brown, cream and gold. You can select a colourful stone slab with bold contrasts or a counter with a relatively uniform surface.


Stone benchtops are long-lasting and durable if some care is taken, which soon becomes a habit. For example, wipe up spills promptly, especially if they're acidic like wine or tomatoes. Each stone species varies in how resilient they are. For example, granite and soapstone are tough, while marble is more sensitive to etching. A sealant will help form a non-porous surface that is less likely to suffer damage. So have the countertop sealed as frequently as recommended.


Stone benchtops are a classic option, and they suit many different kitchen styles. This versatility is helpful as it means you can redesign the kitchen in the future while keeping the same countertop. Stone looks at home in traditional, rustic and industrial designs, as well as many other styles.

These benchtops are perfect in all-white kitchens as they add texture and visual interest. The ambience of rock also blends well with timber flooring. Additionally, because stone is so versatile, you can install a similar species in other spots in your house, such as the bathroom or the patio.


Finally, stone has an unmistakable sense that it's from the earth. So it provides a connection to nature in the kitchen, giving it a more calming atmosphere. Manufactured materials like glass, laminate and stainless steel don't impart the same organic ambience that creates a welcoming feel.

For more information on the benefits of a stone benchtop, contact a company near you.

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