Designing Your Bathroom to Be Calm and Comfortable

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Designing Your Bathroom to Be Calm and Comfortable

16 July 2021
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When remodelling a bathroom, you probably don't want a show pony effect. After all, while it's essential that the room is beautiful to look at, it's equally vital that it offers a comfortable and warm haven for you. To create your own relaxing space during your home renovations, consider the following tips.

Under Tile Heating

It's difficult to unwind if you flinch as bare feet hit icy cold tiles. One way to make the bathroom cosy and draught free is to install under tile heating. Electric coils are arranged to wind across the subfloor, and the tiles are laid on top. As a result, the tiling will be warm and toasty as you walk on it. Because warm air naturally rises, the gentle heat that emanates from the floor will float upwards to warm the entire room. And you won't have to put up with drafty fan heaters or radiators that cook a selected spot.

Lighting Options

To create a pleasing ambience, layer the lighting in the bathroom rather than relying on one overly bright globe that has to illuminate everywhere. For example, you can install recessed ceiling lights that radiate softly to different corners. Additionally, why not connect wall sconces beside the mirror? Installing dimmers will let you adjust the lights to a soothing glow or make them brighter, depending on how you're using the bathroom. You'll further increase control over the atmosphere if you connect some globes on separate switches. That way, you can turn on the wall sconces only, for example, if you want a calm vibe.

Natural Elements

For a soothing space, make sure to bring nature into the design. For example, install natural elements such as travertine or granite floor and wall tiles. A timber vanity top will add warmth. Also, consider using earthy colours like mellow blues, greens, browns, and purples. These hues evoke the muted tones found in the natural world.

Another way to bring nature indoors is to provide a view of the outside. Rather than installing a frosted windowpane, why not install clear glass that opens onto a small private garden? This area can be relatively compact. Just section off a space with screen fencing and fill it with foliage and plants. Another possibility is to build a skylight window that offers a sky view. During the day, you can gaze out at the blue sky or watch storm clouds scudding by. At night, you can view panoramic twinkling stars.

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