Modifying Your Bathroom for an Elderly Family Member

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Modifying Your Bathroom for an Elderly Family Member

1 July 2020
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Inviting an elderly family member to live with you involves more than simply having enough space for them. It's important to remember that older people with reduced mobility have different needs than a younger able-bodied person. The suitability of your bathroom should be a priority, but some basic bathroom renovations are all that will be needed to make the space safe and usable for your elderly family member.

Toilet Stability

Getting on and off the toilet can pose a problem when someone's mobility declines. This is easily remedied by adding safety rails. The best type of rail is one that is foldable so it can pivot upwards against the wall when it's not in use. These rails are easy to deploy and can simply be maneuvered into the downwards position as needed, with a significant weight capacity. They can also be multipurpose, creating a drying rack for towels. 

Shower Safety

The shower can be another issue, and the water underfoot poses a considerable slipping hazard. Strategically placed grab bars in the shower will overcome the problem, and these can be used in conjunction with a shower stool for extra stability. Like the toilet safety rails, the grab bars can perform double duty. A hanging shower caddy can conveniently be hooked onto the bar, adding storage to your shower. 

Using the Bath

A separate bath can be replaced with a walk-in bathtub. This has a watertight door on the side, allowing the user to step into the tub, instead of having to step over the rim. This addition can drive up the price of your bathroom renovations, so if your elderly family member isn't yet in a position to need such a bathtub, you could simply install grab bars just like what you would put in the shower.

Avoiding Slips

Non-slip bath mats (with a rubber backing) are extremely wise, but they're not always entirely effective. Non-slip vinyl flooring throughout the bathroom will increase the safety of the space. You might not be thrilled at utilising vinyl over ceramic tiles, but vinyl flooring for bathrooms is available in a variety of styles that mimic other materials. 

All it takes is a few simple modifications in your bathroom, and your house will start to feel like a home for an elderly family member without losing any of its charm and functionality for you. If you need to make these or other adjustments, consider working closely with a bathroom renovations contractor. 

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