5 Reasons You Should Pick Up a Shower Stool

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5 Reasons You Should Pick Up a Shower Stool

27 February 2017
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There are plenty of products that you can buy to make your showering experience more manageable, convenient, and enjoyable, but few of them offer as many benefits as a simple shower stool.

Here are just five reasons you should pick one up.

1. Great for Shaving Your Legs

For most people, the shower is a perfect place to shave your legs. Any shaving foam will be immediately washed away, and you don't need to worry about having to constantly splash your legs with water. Of course, you can make the process even more convenient by using a shower stool. You can prop your foot up or sit down when you need to reach those trickier areas.

2. Perfect for Older People

Shower stools are also an outstanding option for older people. As the body ages, it becomes increasingly uncomfortable to stand for prolonged periods, which is just what you need to do in the shower. Additionally, it becomes easier to slip and fall as you age, and the fact that your bones become more brittle makes serious injuries more likely to occur. With a shower stool, you can sit down to wash yourself more comfortably and safely.  

3. Available in a Range of Styles

You might think that a shower stool would look a little cheap. However, there are a whole host of different styles and materials available so that all your bathroom products match. And you can easily fit the stool around your desired bathroom décor. If, for example, you like to foster a more traditional or upscale appearance within your bathroom, why not try picking up a teak shower stool?

4. Cheap and Easy to Move 

If you're about to go through a bathroom renovation, you might be thinking about installing a shower enclosure that comes with fitted seating instead of using a separate stool. This can be a good idea if only older people, or people with disabilities, will be using the shower, but it can be unnecessarily expensive when that is not the case. A shower stool is a far more cost-effective option, and you can move a stool into and out of a shower easier depending on who is going to be using it.

5. Wonderfully Relaxing

Finally, shower stools are just incredibly relaxing to use, even if you don't have any issues standing up in the shower for long periods. It's lovely to sit down and have the warm water run over you, especially if you live in a home that has a shower but not a bath. You can even move the stool back a little from the jets of water to feel the warm steam gently rising up along your body.

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