Why Should You Fit a Fan Heater While Renovating a Larger Bathroom?

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Why Should You Fit a Fan Heater While Renovating a Larger Bathroom?

8 February 2017
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Most homeowners have smaller bathrooms that they would dearly love to make a little bit larger. However, there are plenty of people who have bathrooms that feel a little too large. Unfortunately, larger rooms are much harder to heat, and larger bathrooms are often particularly tricky in this regard since they are frequently filled with moisture and typically decorated using tiles, which do not retain heat very well.

With that in mind, you really need to think about having a heat fan installed.

Quick heating when you need it 

There are plenty of other options for heating your bathroom. You might choose to add another radiator, or you might even go through the trouble and expense of having underfloor heating added. Unfortunately, both of these options, while they can be great, will fail to heat up your bathroom very quickly. If you need to have a quick shower in the morning, you can't exactly wait half an hour for the bathroom to heat up. With a heat fan, you won't have to; simply turn it on and even a larger bathroom will feel warm in just a minute or two.

Great for hygiene

You can also turn your fan heater on for a couple of minutes after taking a long shower or bath in order to clear the mirrors of condensation and remove excess moisture from the room. Remember, larger bathrooms that aren't properly heated can easily retain colder, moisture-filled corners in which mould and bacteria can thrive.

Versatile heating

Another benefit held by heating fans is that you can pick up different models in order to meet different needs. If you do have a larger bathroom, simply speak to your local bathroom supply store in order to find a bathroom fan heater that is particularly powerful and well-suited to your kind of bathroom. That's not the kind of versatility you'll enjoy with other heating systems.  

Cheap to buy and use

Adding another radiator to your bathroom is going to be pricy since new plumbing will need to be added behind the wall. Fitting underfloor heating, which involves adding new plumbing all across the floor, will be even more expensive and disruptive. However, adding a heat fan is usually quite quick since they tend to be placed where the wiring for the main light already exists. Additionally, they tend to be quite cheap to buy, making them a heating solution for larger bathrooms that won't break the bank.

For more tips and ideas for heating your large bathroom, contact contacts that specialize in bathroom renovations.

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