Various Pergola Designs You Can Choose For Your Patio

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Various Pergola Designs You Can Choose For Your Patio

18 March 2016
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Initially a design staple in Italian architectural design, pergolas have steadily become popular the world over. Before, these structures comprised timber structures that were either free standing or that were semi-attached to the residence. They would then be used as support shade or as a support for climbing vegetation such as vines. Over the years though, pergolas have continually become modified in order to meet the different needs of various lifestyles. This has led to a revolution in the different types of designs that are available in the market. Here are some of the various pergola designs that you can choose for your patio.

Traditional design 

The traditional pergola design primarily comprises of beams, posts and rafters that have been made out of timber. You can opt to have this pergola freestanding on your residence or have it semi-attached to your home. This type of design tends to be a popular choice with homeowners who are looking to shade their patio at a low cost. It tends to be easy to construct and its applications are quite versatile. Additionally, you can opt to have this pergola professional installed by contractors or opt to purchase it in kit-form and erect it on your own.

Free form design

This type of pergola designs tends to be custom made according to your needs, as the free form will be dictated by the space you would like your pergola to be installed. Instead of the conventional straight rafters found in the traditional designs, this type of pergola comprises thin timber strips that have been laminated. The strips are then glued together then pressed on a mould to create the free form that you would prefer. Typically, these types of pergolas will either have a steep arch shape or appear wave-like. Free form designs are a great addition to modern homes that would want to have a unique curb appeal.

Aluminium design

This design is another cost effective option that you could consider for your pergola. The materials are light in weight, which works toward reducing the labour costs that you would incur. Additionally, the aluminium beams that make up the pergola have the capabilities of spanning wide spaces, making them a suitable option for homeowners with large patios that they would like to shelter. Despite being lightweight, aluminium designed pergolas also tend to be long lasting as their materials are powder coated before use. This is to ensure the pergola is protected against the elements. 

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