Go Green by Switching to a Composting Toilet

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Go Green by Switching to a Composting Toilet

20 November 2015
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In the twenty first century, environmental destruction and climate change are among the biggest issues on the planet today. Every person has their own responsibility to do what they can for their environment. And if you are a homeowner, you have even greater opportunity to commit yourself to living in a green way. If you are thinking of undertaking bathroom renovations, one major renovation you can opt for is ripping out your regular toilet that flushes for a composting toilet. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider this particular renovation.

Decrease water usage drastically. The bathroom is the room in the house where a significant amount of water is used, and oftentimes, wasted. In fact, it's estimated that 27% of water used in your house is by your toilet. If you are a family of four, imagine how many times your toilet gets flushed every day, and often just to flush away a tiny amount of urine. But with a composting toilet there is absolutely no flushing, and so you can sleep easy knowing that you are not wasting water unnecessarily.

It doesn't need to be emptied that often. If you are considering remodelling your bathroom and installing a composting toilet, you might be put off by the idea of having to empty the toilet and its contents every day. But actually there are many sophisticated brands of composting toilets and you'll have to empty yours far less regularly than you might think. There are composting toilets that can contain up to eighty uses, so unless you have a family that are going to the bathroom eighty times a day, you should only need to empty it out a couple of times in a month!

It won't smell either. Okay, so with all of that poop building up courtesy of your composting toilet, aren't things going to get seriously smelly? You'd be forgiven for thinking so but this is actually not the case if your composting toilet is installed with adequate ventilation, which is absolutely necessary. Many models of composting toilets come with sophisticated vent stacks so that any odour is transferred directly out of your home via a vent – so there will be no smell whatsoever.

A composting toilet is not a typical renovation so you may wish to opt for a company that specialises in green renovations in order to achieve the result you want.

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